Kosmach IІ

Stone antiquities of Kosmach II

At a three-meter distance from the rock complex to the south, there is another rock base with a height of about three meters, on which there is a huge (4×5 m) horizontal quadrangular slab, more than two meters high, separated from the monolith and inclined to the west. On its upper part, a rounded cup-shaped depression was found, from which wide streams diverge. As on other stones, dozens of oblong recesses – ideograms in various combinations – are cut on the slab. The plate was the altar of the sanctuary and constituted the southern, main, sacral-spatial point in its compositional and planning structure.

In the northeast direction from the sacrificial slab, parallel to the rock, in the shape of a snake directed to the west, there is a stone, which is given a zoomorphic appearance. Its length is 7 m and height is 2.5 m. On the south side, it has the likeness of a dog’s head, directed to the east. On his elongated face, a nose, a row of teeth, and a tongue that hangs down are highlighted. Crosses are drawn on the stone, oblong lattice images are forged, as well as cup-shaped depressions, ideogram grooves.

Examination of about two dozen rock remains with images forged on them, the content and compositional essence of the latter indicate the presence of an ancient sanctuary, a ritual megalithic center with a unique for world practice petroglyph complex of the Neolithic – Eneolithic era in Zavoyely.